Tea & Coffee Co. by Organica Boutique
is not just about healthy delicious organic food. It’s about a totally new lifestyle!

Tea & Coffee Co. is the sister company of Organica Boutique, a global company.

Organica Boutique is devoted to your body, mind and spirit’s wellbeing.

In Organica Boutique you will have access to a variety of organic products: from chicken and milk, to tea and coffee.

Thru Organica Boutique you will also be helping rural communities – the producers.

A través de su trabajo, los productores no solo generan empleo, sino que también se preocupan por el medioambiente y alimentan a grupos de familias vulnerables, mujeres y niños.

In Organica Boutique we will demonstrate that the company that is worth the most is not the one that earns the most, but the one that does more for others.

Organica Boutique is more than just a boutique. It’s a complete social movement that will help you be part of a new way of life in this world.

Local Production

We support Mexican producers, thanks to their hard work, effort and didication, they have made Mexico the 3rd organic food producer worldwide, 1st organic coffee world producer and number 1 in organic farms among many other achievements.

Internacional Production

We created the concept vocation of the earth, where every region has natural conditions to cultivate native food rich in nutrients and free of water, sky and air pollution.

We also encourage organic agriculture globally, since it’s the only type of agriculture that restores and protects ecosystems generating oxygen and the biodiversity our Planet Earth needs so much.

Our Carbon Footprint

To compensate our food transportation and in alliance with our producers, we help the carbon footprint reduction with the reforestation of 40 acres of cedar, mahogany and pine in Mexico. This aside form the sustainability work in favor of the planet, is done in the place of origin of ur products in different parts of the world.

Our Location

Tea & Coffee Co.

Plaza Duendes Calzada San Pedro 102
Colonia del Valle
San Pedro Garza García
NL 66220

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(81) 8335 2829

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