Our Organic Bakery is made with the highest quality ingredients. We take care of every detail to achieve a unique, subtle flavor ready to please the most delicate palate. We make sure you can taste the true flavor of food in each bite, just as nature intended.

We are committed to ensure the quality of our flavor and your health. You can also take home our confectionery for your events and gatherings, so you can delight your guests with this Flavor Experience!




pieza ½
Galleta de Avena 28 138
Galleta de Cocoa 28 138
Libre de gluten
Galletita de Chocolate 5 48
Galletita T&C 5 48
Hechas a base de harina de almendras y aceite de coco
Paquete chico 100
Paquete grande 145

Brownies & Bisquets

pieza ½
Brownie Orgánico 38 195
Brownie Relleno 42 215
Con ganache de chocolate y dulce de leche
Biscuit de la Casa 48 245
Con mantequilla y mermelada

Panqué Orgánico
para llevar

{ Llévalo a tus reuniones y disfrútalo en casa }

Coffee Cake Orgánico de Pecanas 280

Muffins, Cupcakes & Panques

cupcakes pieza ½
Fondue de Chocolate 38 195
Chocolate con Betún de Queso de Cabra 38 195
Dulce de Leche 38 195
Crema de Avellanas ( Hazelnut ) con chocolate Holandés 38 195
Chocolate Holandés 38 195
Integral 32 165
Salvado de Trigo 38 195
Coffee Cake 38 195
Zanahoria 32 165
panques rebanada entero
Coffee Cake 38 280


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