Our Gourmet Organic Coffee Selection is Organica Boutique Brand, it’s highland coffee, organic, biodynamic and proudly Mexican from Los Altos de Chiapas.

It’s been exported for several decades to many countries: Germany, Swiss, Holland, United States, Japan, Denmark and England.

All our coffee carries the following certifications:

To purchase our organic coffee or to solicite catering services please contact our Organica Boutique Company call the Organica Boutique Company store and hospitality in the US at +1 917 594 1904 or via email: at info@organicaboutique.com

Discover the true flavour of espresso how it was intended


Our Maragogype Coffee also known as “elephant bean” because of its size, is one of the most exotic coffee varieties in the world. It’s famous in Germany and Austria for its energetic power and its delicious bitter flavor, excellent to pair with Viennese confectionery and our delicious organic confectionery.



Unlike regular grains that grow in pairs, Caracolillos grows inside the coffee fruit as a unique grain in the shape of a small snail. Carefully selected, it grows on the tip of the coffee tree branches, receiving abundant sunlight and rain water, thats allows it to become a gourmet delight because of its aroma, mature and fruity flavour.


Perfect House Blend

The mixture of our Superior Arabica Coffee, characterized for its fine aroma, and Maragogype, famous in Europe for its deliciously bitter taste and its high energy power, produces a true delight pleasing to the palate, very appreciated by connoisseurs.


The Decaf Process

Coffee naturally contains caffeine’s active supplement. The regular coffee grains contain between 0.8% and 2.5% caffeine, depending on its origin and variety. Modern methods to decaffeinate coffee have no effect over flavor or aroma.

At present there are two processes to extract caffeine, the most common one consists on applying chemical processes to the grains, thus eliminating caffeine in a rapid economic way.

The process we used to decaffeinate our coffee is called “Mountain Water Process”, 100% natural. To achieve this process, pure water from the Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltepetl glaciers is used. The green coffee grains are immersed in the water to extract the caffeine.

To isolate caffeine from water, it is drained thru a special filter that removes it. Giving as a result, water charged with coffee’s soluble components, but caffeine free. As a result, you get 99.9% caffeine free grains, as well as free of toxic and synthetic chemicals.


Decaf Perfect House Blend

Our Decaf Perfect House blend coffee tastes almost the same as regular coffee. To release caffeine from coffee, the stimulant supplement must be isolated from the grains. Caffeine is extracted directly from the green coffee grains.

Whether it's a capuccino, espresso, latte, make a cup and enjoy the intense flavor of our coffee


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