Our Crepes are made with 100% organic and whole wheat flours of the highest quality, that help nourish your body and have good digestion. We take care of every detail so its flavor delights your palate.

We also have Gluten Free Crepes so no one misses out on them.


For sweet crepes we use ingredients such as: hazel nut cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate fondue and dulce de leche, all of them organic.

All of this helps enhance the true flavour of our delicious and healthy desserts.

The Flavours

Dutch Chocolate

Filled with a special dutch chocolate cream.

Tea & Coffee Special

Filled with Dutch hazel nut cream and chocolate.


Filled with chocolate, caramel, nuts and chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate & Almonds

Filled and covered with chocolate sauce and almonds. Decorated with strawberries and mint leaves.

Nuts & Caramel

Traditional nuts crepes, topped with caramel, but organic!

Strawberries with Cream

Filled with whipped cream and strawberries.


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