Organic Soil
February 13, 2015

How is soil primed for organic cultivation?

To be able to produce organic products you have to start from the basics.

We don’t usually ask ourselves where the food we eat comes from, or what is the process our food goes thru to be what it is, and taste the way it tastes. In the case of organic products such as fruits and vegetables, the soil is the base of everything so they can grow in the purest possible way, and for this, the soil needs to be properly primed.

Getting the soil ready to grow organic products, is a long process that takes about three years. The process mainly consists on gradually increasing the soils fertility.

Organic soil is the union of:

  • Minerals: are the remainders of rocks than have disintegrated into clay, silt and sand.
  • Organic matter: they are residues from animals and vegetables (grass, branches, bones, leafs, etc.), they are transformed into humus thanks to the action of the organisms and microorganisms (bacteria, fungus and such) that live in the ground.
  • Earthworms: they contribute greately to this process; they help dig cavities in the soil that help to airate it, and by eating it constantly, their organisms turn it into a natural fertilizer.

The products cultivated during the first year of this soil cannot be taken as organic, since the soil is just starting the cleaning process and recovering lost minerals and nutrients.

For the second year, they can be declared as “In Conversion” but still they are not taken as organic yet.

It’s not until the third year that the product can finally be considered completely organic. Although depending on the chemicals found on the soil that previously not cultivated as organic, the “purification” process may take up to eight years.

To accomplish natural fertility of the soil is a very important part of organic agriculture. As you can see, to cultivate organic products is not just about using organic seeds, but about having also the right soil with the ideal conditions to be able to provide nutrients into our food.

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